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The City of Toronto, more than any other government, provides the services that enhance our quality of life. From police and fire services to the TTC and roads. From parks, shelter and housing to recycling, recreation facilities, libraries and so much more. There is, however, a major funding gap...

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The tiniest slice of the corporate income taxes a Conservative government plans to forgo would make a huge difference in the city’s ability to achieve its goals on its own.

Globe and Mail – January 21, 2007

Here, you will find the latest news, as well as high resolution downloads of the Once Cent of the GST NOW! posters, pins, bumper stickers, window cards and door stickers.



FCM Endorses call for the Equivalent of One Cent of the GST for Cities and Communities

At their annual conference in Calgary today, Federation of Canadian Municipalities' delegates...


Mayors Urge Ottawa to make Cities Partners in Prosperity

Cities ask the federal government to share the equivalent of one cent of the GST The Big City...


Mayor David Miller launches campaign to fund cities

One Cent of the GST NOW! Mayor David Miller today announced the launch of a campaign aimed at...