FCM Endorses call for the Equivalent of One Cent of the GST for Cities and Communities

At their annual conference in Calgary today, Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ delegates adopted a resolution calling on the federal government to share the equivalent of one cent of the GST with municipal governments so they can invest in the future prosperity of their communities.

The resolution, sponsored by FCM’s big city mayors’ caucus, was adopted by a near-unanimous vote of municipal delegates from across Canada and becomes FCM policy.

The equivalent of one cent of the GST would yield approximately $5-billion for all municipalities in Canada. This would allow municipalities to invest in the infrastructure and quality of life features that attract skilled workers and investment.

Municipal governments have limited financial tools at their disposal and they are not meeting current needs. Providing the equivalent of one cent of the GST would ensure that Canada’s cities and communities remain competitive and continue to generate wealth to share with all Canadians.

The resolution is as follows: “Be it resolved: that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities call upon the Government of Canada to annually share revenues equivalent to one cent of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with Canadian municipalities, which would yield approximately $5 billion per year in additional funding for all local governments and municipalities in Canada.”

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